How We Purchased a $179 Faucet for Only $88!

I have always been a sucker for a great deal and our old kitchen faucet has always SUCKED!

That’s the only photo I have, sorry. The sprayer was always getting stuck on spray so it was basically useless and the water just poured out of the faucet without a screen and would splash everywhere, making a huge mess. The knobs were also wobbly, and yes, we had tried to tighten them many times.

I had this faucet on my Amazon wishlist for years that is $209.00 but could never justify spending that much money on a faucet since ours technically did work.

For years I have been a fan of buying Amazon open box items to save money. Out of everything I’ve purchased ‘open box,’ only one item had to be sent back. (A curtain rod without the mounting brackets.)

When I finally could not take the big, splashy mess from our old faucet anymore, I went to Amazon determined to buy ANY faucet as long as it looked halfway decent. That’s when I found this Delta faucet open box for only $88.00!! Isn’t she a beauty?!

We love all the spray settings too! And the soap dispenser!

The price for this faucet, brand new is $179.99!! Right now they have it open box for $115.00 but if you keep stalking looking, you may be able to find it, or another one you like, a lot cheaper than the full price!

Does anyone else buy open box items from Amazon?

This post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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