Another Bathroom Remodel is Happening!

What better time to start a big home project than a few days before Christmas? Before the work can actually begin, we have to get all the materials here.

Picking out everything for a bathroom is generally my idea of fun but picking out everything for 2 bathrooms in a span of 3 months is a lot harder than I expected! I feel like I put all of my ideas into the last bathroom and I don’t want them to be the exact same.

*Adds to Cart*

Below is sort of my ‘mood’ board with items I’ve purchased and bathroom ideas I found on Pinterest that I love. This bathroom is going to be soley used by our teenage daughter but we also want it to be timeless since we will never be remodeling it again. Yes, mark my words.

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Our Bathroom Reno: Sneak Peak With Before & After Pictures

We gutted a bathroom! Yay!! All three of the bathrooms need to be remodeled, but we had to start somewhere. The first bathroom we chose is the upstairs hall bathroom. It’s small so we knew it wouldn’t take long, it’s the one we plan to use for our toddlers, and the one guests will go to when they visit.

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Let’s Start a Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our blog! I started this blog to share our lives, mostly home improvements, fun and easy DIY projects, decorating, budgeting tips, maybe some easy recipes here and there, and anything else I feel like sharing! And if I can make enough money to buy a can of paint here and there for another house project…I won’t be mad about it.

So let’s jump right in, shall we? (This all feels very cringe for me but I’m going to just roll with it!)

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