Another Bathroom Remodel is Happening!

What better time to start a big home project than a few days before Christmas? Before the work can actually begin, we have to get all the materials here.

Picking out everything for a bathroom is generally my idea of fun but picking out everything for 2 bathrooms in a span of 3 months is a lot harder than I expected! I feel like I put all of my ideas into the last bathroom and I don’t want them to be the exact same.

*Adds to Cart*

Below is sort of my ‘mood’ board with items I’ve purchased and bathroom ideas I found on Pinterest that I love. This bathroom is going to be soley used by our teenage daughter but we also want it to be timeless since we will never be remodeling it again. Yes, mark my words.

I didn’t feel like making a bunch of trips to the store to buy samples, go back, buy what I needed, etc… so I decided on some items by just looking online. Which was against my better judgement.

The floor tiles were a win! I really like them. But the shower floor tile, that I ordered online from Lowes, looked cheap once I saw it in person. It’s the middle picture in the photo above and on the left in the photo below-definitely not the same in person as it was online! It also didn’t look great with the floor tile I had picked out. Luckily, it’s not a lot of tile and it’s not super heavy so it won’t be so bad (for poor Chris) to return it to the store.

While I was at Floor & Decor picking up the shower wall tile and flooring, I grabbed some samples for other shower floor options. The white hexagon is very reasonably priced and the small, marble hexagon is very expensive. Can you guess which option I prefer and liked the most?! Ugh.

I wanted to make sure everything looked good next to the flooring it was going to be against and with the lighting in the bathroom.

Cost – So Far

I’ve been keeping this running list on my notepad in my phone for everything I need and have purchased. My goal was to spend $2k on the materials, not including the materials the contractor will use for the more ‘technical’ stuff.

Kensley Bathroom Remodel:

✓ SHOWER FLOOR: Hexagon tile Lowes $95.68… Gotta take that back now…The new cost should be around $250 for the small hexagon marble.

✓ FLOORING: Adessi arina bianco porcelain tile Floor Decor 60sf = $212.52


◦ THRESHOLD: Floor Decor (shower & leg rest)

✓ VANITY: 36 inch light birch wood Lowes $439


✓ SHOWER FAUCET: Home Depot $89

✓ TOILET: Lowes $249


✓ LIGHT FIXTURE: Shades of Light $199

✓ MIRROR: wooden one we already have

✓ HAND TOWEL HOOK: wooden brass one we have

✓ PAINT: Using stuff we have

How and Where I Save Money

I had some extra stuff laying around the house from our old projects that I am going to try to use in this bathroom to save on costs.

I saved a lot on the vanity by buying one that was on sale. The Delta fixtures I purchased from Amazon were open box, which we have had really good luck with in the past. The only other thing I may end up purchasing is a new mirror, depending on how the one I currently have (same mirror I used in our old house’s half bathroom) looks with everything else. That may add another $180. So far I’ve spent around $1600 which would still fall within my budget even if I have to buy a new mirror.

Stay Tuned…

The job is scheduled to start on January 3rd and I’m guessing it will take around 2-3 weeks. Since we are moving part of the bathroom into an old linen closet and into part of the playroom closet, it will take a little more time than the last bathroom. Hopefully I’ll have some before and after pictures by the end of January!


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