Our House 2 Months In – Warning: Chaos Ahead!

Our house has come a long way in only 2 months! The downstairs flooding definitely set us back but things are starting to feel a little more normal.

Writing this post has made me realize that I am jumping around from one project to another way too much. I’m going to try to get a hold of that and focus on one area before I move onto another. There are a lot of half finished things going on, as you will see in the photos below. Oops!


We painted the inside of the front door, replaced the knobs, and have started painting the walls.


We’ve only removed those red pendant lights and replaced the faucet with my favorite faucet we also had in our last house.

We can’t fully unpack in here because the cabinets are SO GROSS that cleaning them takes a lot of time. I’m slowly doing a couple each weekend. The 2 missing drawers are out because they REEK of dog smell and cologne. We are at a loss on how to get the smell out. Right now they’re sitting outside with baking soda sprinkled in them. I’m about to paint the insides and call it a day. Any suggestions?

Upstairs Hall Bathroom

We remodeled this bathroom and it’s my favorite room in the house!! I still want to paint the metal window frame black and replace the vanity hardware with chrome. I’ll eventually post with more details about the bathroom, but we have 4 kids and full time jobs.


We painted, replaced the light fixture (same one we had at our last house), installed blackout roller shades, and rearranged the furniture 29,472 times to try to fit both of the girls in here together. Open to suggestions! I think I need to do a curtain wall behind the beds? And like the rest of the house – floors and baseboards were done.

Master Bedroom

This room is where we stuff everything out of sight. We painted, had the floors refinished, and replaced the ceiling fan. We can’t hang curtains because we still need to clean and paint the window sills. I also can’t find the other lamp shade, but we’re still unpacking boxes! 😆

Master Bathroom

We cleaned this room. That is all.

Living / Dining Room

We’re still waiting on the couch and rug I ordered a month ago! We borrowed this rug from Kensley’s room. Everything in here is still half painted and some walls need another coat of paint. I also need to decorate the Christmas tree!

Family Room

Things we’ve done in here: had the floors and baseboards replaced and the wood paneled walls replaced with sheetrock, also added additional molding around the windows. The work down here was finished less than a week ago.

Downstairs Bathroom

There is now a door and we have closed it. We also had the plumbing moved around. Trying to pretend this doesn’t exist. I’ll come back to this space after Christmas.

Toddler’s Room, Now Playroom

We already had that rug but I’m on the search for a larger one. We painted and replaced the light fixture. Not pictured is the closet that is gutted which we plan to fold into our bathroom remodel, once that starts. We’re taking part of the closet space to expand the bathroom.

Teenager’s Room

We painted, had the sheetrock repaired, painted again, replaced the ceiling fan (then I broke it), turned one of the closets into desk space that I’m planning to wallpaper soon. The closet will eventually be a built in system – like our last house’s master bedroom. Right now it’s unfinished.

Laundry Room

We had the floor replaced and removed that built in shelf. We also replaced the washing machine that we broke during the move here. It fell completely down the stairs at our last house as we were moving it out.


We had the tile swapped for waterproof laminate hardwood. We have a new light fixture that I am in LOVE with but we need to paint before it’s installed.


We painted the front door with leftover paint from our last house. Anything seemed better than orange! If you look closely you can see the strip in the middle I forgot to paint. Oops! And our yard was destroyed by the bulldozer that replaced our main sewer line. We’ll plant more stuff in the spring.

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2 thoughts on “Our House 2 Months In – Warning: Chaos Ahead!

  1. Amazing transformation already- and only 2 months! I know it feels like much longer to you! I’m loving what you’ve done so far and can’t wait to see more and in person! You guys are incredible!!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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