Our Bathroom Reno: Sneak Peak With Before & After Pictures

We gutted a bathroom! Yay!! All three of the bathrooms need to be remodeled, but we had to start somewhere. The first bathroom we chose is the upstairs hall bathroom. It’s small so we knew it wouldn’t take long, it’s the one we plan to use for our toddlers, and the one guests will go to when they visit.

I wouldn’t even agree to buy the house if we didn’t plan to immediately renovate this bathroom. We need a nice, clean space to bathe our babies every night!

The only major change in here is the toilet and vanity locations. It cost a good bit more to swap them but it just didn’t feel right to walk into a bathroom and stumble into a toilet. All of the bathrooms in the house are this way – it’s weird!

The house has been a challenge to clean and we’ve seen some GROSS stuff, but we were impressed with the guts of this bathroom – it is in great shape!

Before & After Photos

Now, for some pictures! I am a sucker for some before & after photos and I LOVE to see house project transformations – no matter how big or how small!

We’re still waiting on a couple things to come in (I ordered the wrong size vanity mirror!) and I haven’t added any decor, unless you count a trash can as decor? I’ll share a lot more photos soon, along with our entire cost breakdown.


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