We Bought a Fixer Upper!

WE ARE MOVING! Chris and I bought an adorable house to fix up in an area we absolutely love!

Sidewalks! ✔️A yard! ✔️Friendly neighbors! ✔️ Basically everything we had on our list of wants. And because it’s very outdated (some rooms are downright U-G-L-Y), it was actually in our price range!

It’s such a quirky little house and I feel like it fits our style but it also fit our needs. We both want a pool one day and this house (hopefully!) has the potential for that to be added-which was a huge plus for us!

There is A LOT of work to be done to get the house how we want it but we love a challenge and I have always loved a fixer upper!

We will be updating this blog with all of our home projects, along with our budgets, breakdown of costs, and where we purchase everything. So stay tuned…

And if you want to see some of the updates and remodeling we did on our last house, you can click here.


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