Master Bathroom Remodel: Before & After Photos

All the before and after photos plus our budget breakdown and links to everything we purchased, below.

When we bought our house in 2016 we liked the master bathroom. It was mostly white and all the hardware and fixtures had been updated to an oil rubbed bronze finish. We eventually wanted to do some updates in here but it wasn’t pressing and definitely not at the top of our to do list.

Fast forward a few years and we realized the grout in the shower had cracked and caused water to leak down into our basement.

Because of where the leak was (right where the garage door covered the basement ceiling when it was opened) we didn’t notice it for a long time. When we finally did, we knew the subfloor would have to be replaced and so would the shower.

Is this embarrassing? Yes! Am I sharing it anyway?! YES!

Since this bathroom was already considered outdated and stuck in the 90’s by most standards, we decided to plan a complete remodel.

Can someone tell me why there is a phone jack beside the toilet?!

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Planning!

My first step to planning was going to Pinterest, of course! There were a ton of gorgeous inspiration photos so deciding on one direction to go in was hard. I also looked at some new construction photos on the realtor app to see how new bathrooms were being designed.

One of the things that annoyed me about this layout was the vanities being separated and the smaller ‘triangular’ vanity was right behind the door. Another problem I had with the original layout is the linen closet was a huge waste of space. We never had much stuff in it and I don’t feel the need to have an excess of sheets or towels. Two sets of sheets is all we need-1 in the wash, 1 on the bed.

There wasn’t a lot of room where the larger vanity was for us to add a double vanity without it being awkwardly in front of the shower. We knew we didn’t want the shower so closed in because we felt like it held too much moisture and needed a little more airflow so it could ‘breathe’ a little bit. So placing a double vanity there wasn’t an option.

Hello from the linen closet!

At one point I was searching for 2 matching vanities of different sizes to put in (almost) the same spot these were in. I wasn’t going to do a weird ‘corner’ vanity and I wasn’t going to have the larger one go all the way to the shower wall. But they were going to remain separate.

This was one of my ‘separate vanities’ inspiration photos

UNTIL! One night I had an idea and grabbed the tape measure to see if a double vanity would fit where the linen closet and small vanity were and to my surprise IT WOULD WORK! On the other side of the linen closet is a half bath elsewhere in our house so we had to move the wall IN a little bit for this to happen, essentially making our bathroom smaller but making the closet larger.

You can see in the photo below where we moved those walls about a foot towards the bathroom but this expanded our closet space so it wasn’t a BAD thing at all.

And here is the same wall on the bathroom side. You can see the lines where the linen closet was removed.

We made a trip to Home Depot and Floor & Decor to pick out some sample pieces. I brought them home and laid them in the bathroom so I could see how they would look in there. Different rooms, with different lighting, make everything look different so I wanted to be sure we were picking the right materials.

We went with the hexagon marble on the right for the shower floor and the bottom right marble for the shower walls.
Another marble we considered

For the walls, I chose four different shades of white and got samples of those. Chris thought they were all the same color and that I was crazy! I didn’t like any of the samples and went with a satin Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

L to R: Snowbound, Irish Mist, Simply White, & Alabaster
View from the bedroom into the closet & bathroom
View from the bathroom into our closet & bedroom
On this right wall is where the vanities will go. Left wall is where the tub will be.

Adding a small ledge towards the bottom of the shower has been one of my favorite things about this shower. Shaving my legs is so much easier having a little spot to place a foot! Highly recommend.

Watching the shower tile progress everyday was a lot of fun for us!
I truly feel like this is a work of art and have so much respect for the contractor’s talent!

Our contractor was amazing and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him! He was so patient and kind. I originally asked for the shower window to be framed with waterproof trim but once it was installed I absolutely hated it!! The next day I had to tell him to please take it off and do something else. I am so glad I did because it would have bothered me forever!

SO much better!

Master Bathroom Remodel Completed

We are so happy with how everything turned out in this space!

We swapped the brushed nickel hardware for chrome

Master Bathroom Full Budget Breakdown

Total: $14,305.33

This post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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