Our Half Bathroom Makeover on a Budget!

After we remodeled our master bathroom, I got an itch for a small project that I could easily do myself-and for very little money! Full breakdown of the costs along with links to everything are below.

The half bath or powder room, whatever you prefer to call it, was dark and the light fixture was hideous. I don’t even have a great before picture, but just trust me. The toilet paper holder had apparently fallen off at some point and the previous owners HOT GLUED it back on. Who does that?!

Seriously, this was the Zillow picture

The mirror had been changed before we purchased the house to this dark, oil rubbed bronze finish. After painting the bathroom Pure White by Sherwin Williams and getting a chrome light fixture from Home Depot, I considered keeping the mirror – pictured below – but it just felt dated and wasn’t my style. Plus, I knew I could find something budget friendly if I just kept looking. I also sold the old mirror for $10. Cha-ching!

I had my husband swap out the cream colored (and beige painted) plug, light switches and covers to white. It was super cheap but made a huge difference!

I spackled the area that once held our old toilet paper holder and installed a new one on the other wall. I had the brass towel hook leftover from our master bathroom remodel with no other place to go in our house so I decided to put it in here. It looks really good with the gold in the foiled artwork and the brass frame.

I ordered some art off Etsy and the feather picture I bought years ago off Facebook trading. I even swapped out the gross air vent on the floor and again, I don’t have a before photo, but it made a HUGE difference.

Now when guests (or we!) walk into this bathroom, it’s bright and feels clean and happy! I wish I had done this sooner since it only took me about a week slowly working on it in my spare time.

Budget Breakdown:

Total: $231.16

This post contains affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission when you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


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