Our Closet Makeover!

When we bought our house, the master bedroom had this weird, small ‘hallway’ where on either side of the hall we each had a closet. It always felt so cramped and like a weird use of the space. Not to mention the wasted space inside the closet with the current wire shelving. Keep reading to see photos of inside the closet and how we planned this space. Plus, a full budget breakdown-it was incredibly cost efficient!

We talked for years about opening this up into one big closet. When we had to remodel the bathroom (unfortunate water leak!) we originally were going to leave this area as is but then changed our mind. I am so glad we did because it turned out beautifully!

The weird, cramped bedroom ‘hallway’

We decided the best use of the space was to get a closet organizing system. When I looked online for possible costs, most seemed to range from $5,000-$10,000!! That just wasn’t something we could justify for a space to put clothing.

We used IKEA’s Pax System since I’d seen lots of inspo on Pinterest and we loved how customizable they were! Not to mention the price was almost too good to be true. I measured (twice…maybe many, many more times than twice) to make sure what I ordered would fit in here. The amazing thing about IKEA is they have closet design software that makes this incredibly easy! Below are what we came up with for each of our sides of the closet. (Sorry for the poor quality-these are photos of the computer screen.)

The only bummer about the closet is IKEA is having some supply issues so I did have to wait for certain items to come in stock and we are actually still unable to get the pant holders or slide out shelves I intended to use for shoes and my jewelry. We still love it though!

This is the room before we added the closet system. What a difference this view from the bedroom is from before!!

Chris and his dad put all the closet pieces together.

As you can see, even the tallest wardrobe boxes IKEA sells did not reach our 9ft ceilings-that is where our contractor came in, we had him build these in for a more polished look.

On the right side of the room is my space along with our hamper storage and an empty rod in case we ever need extra hanger space in the future.

Side note: I intended to have those top 2 drawers with white fronts as well but they sent me the wrong ones and refunded my money and I thought it looked good enough to accept 2 free drawers and not worry about reordering more just for it to be white.

And the left side (minus the vanity, of course) is Chris’s closet space.

We plan to put baskets on those top shelves for storing loose items like hats, belts, purses, etc. I just haven’t found any I like, that fit.

For right now we have our shoes on the bottom of the closet but once the pull out shelves come back in stock, we’ll add them. Our everyday shoes we keep in a communal basket at the bottom of our basement stairs so we don’t drag more germs inside than our 2 toddlers already bring in.

Originally, when we planned this, we both wanted a pull out pant hanger-and Chris still wants it-but I’ve changed my mind and decided I’d rather use that space for the laundry hamper. And I have plenty of room for hanging pants beside my dresses.

We absolutely LOVE how this space turned out!

Cost Breakdown:

TOTAL: $3,077.25

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