Let’s Start a Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our blog! I started this blog to share our lives, mostly home improvements, fun and easy DIY projects, decorating, budgeting tips, maybe some easy recipes here and there, and anything else I feel like sharing! And if I can make enough money to buy a can of paint here and there for another house project…I won’t be mad about it.

So let’s jump right in, shall we? (This all feels very cringe for me but I’m going to just roll with it!)

Master Bathroom and Closet Remodel

We recently had our master bathroom and closet remodeled and I loved the entire process! Just look at that before and after shot! 😍


From designing the new layout to finding the perfect fixtures and hardware, it was all so much fun! When our contractors left after working at our house every day for 3 weeks, I missed them. Weird, I know!

I’m going to share lots of photos, all the costs, our budget, how we chose the contractor, where we splurged and where we saved. And a few things I would have done differently. So stay tuned!


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